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Daha önce Safir Tema'dan tema alan mevcut müşterilerimiz bu ve tüm temalarda daimi %25'lik bir indirim hakkına sahip oluyorlar. Daha önce tema almadıysanız bu temayı aldığınızda sonraki alışverişlerinizde geçerli %25'lik indirim hakkınız olacak.

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You’re right. Let’s do this now and never regret it. Michelle, I don’t regret this. But I rue and lament it. The year 4000 is disappointing. I miss 3000 when brains flew through space and people ate lasers. It’s not so bad. Fate brought us together and brought us here. You brought us here. Whine some more. It’s really attractive. Now, build us a shelter. Fine. Everything else sucks. At least we’ll have a nice place to live. There! You expect me to live in a hole? It’d be deeper, but I’m standing on a gopher.

Ditzy-witzy! Lars, got another jar job! Oh, sorry, Doctor. I was disinfecting Courtney Love. What are you looking at? Is it the eye? Guilty as charged. It’s a nice looking eye, and there’s plenty of it. Oh. Do I know you? Apparently not. Hi. I’m Lars. Pick up ladies on your own time, you shiny-headed goat. Sir, you’re just a little enraged’cause you’re dying. Up and away! Lars is so flirting with you. He is so not. He’s just being polite. Who does he think he is, being polite to you? You want me to beat him up? No.

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Müşteri Temsilcisi
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