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Kahve: Faydalı mı Zararlı mı?

Betül Ayazoğlu

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Vergon 6 was once filled with the dense substance Dark Matter. Each pound of it weighs over Wait. What about the animals? Well, Dark Matter is valuable as starship fuel. That’s why it was mined out, leaving the planet hollow. But what about the animals? The animals. I didn’t mention animals. The planet will collapse within three days. This will kill all the animals. We have to save two of each kind. Like Noah’s Ark. I bet Leela’s holding out for a one-eyed guy. That’ll take forever.

Mr. Wizard, why is this place called the Cave of Hopelessness? Oh, fear not, lad.’Tis named for its discoverer, Reginald Hopelessness… the first man to be eaten alive by the Tunneling Horror. What’s that? The Tunneling Horror? No, it’s morks. Mork. Hey, listen. Nanu, nanu. Shazbot. Oh, God, no. They’re so aggravating. Oh, fantastic. Nanu, nanu. Reality, what a concept. Fantastic. Mindy, Mindy, Mindy. Oh, fantastic. Oh, fantastic. Oh, wonderful. if we just don’t laugh at it.

And he’s in focus. entire life for this moment. What are you doing with that? You’re going to kill this innocent giganto? Of course not. I’m just gonna tranquilize him… so I can chop off his feet as proof he exists… then dump him back in the wild. He’ll do fine. You’ll have to get through me first. Okay. Nighty-night. Now, leave this gentle Sasquatch, or Wood Ape, in peace… so I can finally and at long last harvest this pathetic human’s lower horn.

Guys. Guys. There’s something on television. Alien abductions. Until now, a harmless nuisance. But recently, they’ve taken on a sinister dimension… as unsuspecting victims are returned without noses. The culpritsShameless poachers, hunting humans without a permit. The valuable nose, or human horn… fetches a high price on alien worlds as an aphrodisiac. My nose is an aphrodisiac? I’m gonna drop a barf. Demand for human horn is great, due in part to titillating scenes.

I love your artificial intelligence and sincerity simulator. I like your style, Fry. You remind me of a young me. Not much younger. Perhaps even a couple years older. Thank you. As a gentleman, I warn youIf you even glance at another woman… I’ll be all over Leela like a fly on a pile of very seductive manure. Leela’s the only girl for me. Hey, Fry. The family Wong. Our party is complete. What’ll we do? He can’t pretend to be both our boyfriends. I learned how to handle delicate situations.

My arms are tired from hugging. Save him. Save my son, Metal Lord. This looks like a job for God. What the. ? Malachi, what manner of deal is this with the chanting? They saw you save my son. Now everyone prays for their own miracles. Very well. What do they want? pray for wealth. That was a practice miracle. Who’s next? They pray for sunlight… so their barley might make a more refreshing beer. Very well. Let there be light. Hooray! When you’re writing the Bible, you might want to omit that last miracle.

No doubt he intended to say doctor,but he was unable to complete his thought, you see, being as he had died. So, taking him at his word, we dragged his corpse to the waterfront, whereupon the seagulls fed upon it. Humans are dumb and they die easy! Speaking of humans, have I shown you my new monocle? Cost me a king’s ransom. Made from a king, don’t you know! Oh, how repulsively decadent! Yes. But more importantly, the smiling faces of my children for the first time since I lost my vision in that horrible banking accident.

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